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Thread: Direct frequency doubling to bet 488 blue?

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    Cool Direct frequency doubling to bet 488 blue?

    Has anyone here ever tried doing direct frequency doubling using a high power single mode fiber fed laser diode and LBO / BBO / KTP etc say with a Laser diode like the 974 nm unit found here
    " "

    With the right optics to upcollimate then focus the beam spot within the non linear crystal you should be able to get a nice blue 488 nm output.

    You would also have to keep the crystal thermally stable with a TEC but it should be possible .

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    I saw an ebay auction a while ago from a guy selling an LBO which he said was suitable for something like that.

    If memory serves, he was talking about using it to directly double 808nm or 830nm, but he recommended using and open cavity pump diode, which I think is quite rare/expensive.

    I assume the reason was that for efficient conversion you need the higher energy available inside the cavity.

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