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Thread: collimating diodes - methods?

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    Thanks for sharing info guy's.

    >here I have some beam pics of a 6W / 36 diode red module like the one in the photo above, but fully equipped. 2x 18 diodes doubled by cube.
    Nice build Florian.
    >I use the Sharp diodes with a 3mm FL lens.
    >The beam is around 6x6mm, so it fits perfectly to the EMS 8000 with 6,5mm aperture
    >Second pic is taken after 12m distance with full power, the beam has about 20x16mm here. This would calculate 1,16 / 0,83 mrad full angle. Hard to get a picture, on the mirror it gets best, even on a matte black surface it blooms up like hell
    What is the 1 beam in size in mm close to lens (nearfield) and at 12 meters (farfield) from 1 diode only from the FL3 lens ?
    I like to compare with a test setup with a FL4 and 4.5 or 4.6 lens to have some data what is possible.
    How much looses do you have thru the FL3 you are using. mw before the lens and after the lens ?


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    Hi Poul,

    beam size right after the FL3 lens is roughly 1x1,8mm. so when you stack 6 diodes side by side and 3 rows in height you get a quite perfect 6mm square.
    I have not yet measured the loss but I easily reach the 185mW of the Sharp diodes without exceeding 225mA as rated in the datasheet. So methinks the lenses are not too bad.
    I can measure at 12m tomorrow.

    Dan, Steve, Viktor: thanks a lot for your input, I will surely see what I can accomplish once i finished digging in some more into this topic!

    And Viktor. your pics are sheer laser porn!

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