Greetings, all;

We will be doing our interactive laser thang next week at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, as part of the free FoolMoon event.
Any PL'ers in the area are invited to stop by and soak up the lumia and such.
Present will be PL stalwarts CDBeam, Draco, Witcher, and myself.

Official announcement:

Please join us for an evening of light entertainment!

In our 7th annual FoolMoon appearance, Illuminatus Lasers will be painting Kerrytown with laser light on Friday, April 5, from dusk (approx. 8:00 pm) to 10:00pm, projecting from within the Ann Arbor Farmers Market at 315 Detroit Street.

We invite you to interact with ”Dances With Lasers", which features laser-lit outlines that follow the moves of our dancing fool participants. Other surprises await.

Visitors, young and old, will also be able to play with our laser lumia projectors by tweaking colorful jewel knobs built into our six lunch boxen laser controllers, part of our Boxing With Lasers event.

FoolMoon is the nighttime kick-off event to a foolish weekend, which culminates with the FestiFools parade on Sunday. Everyone and anyone is invited to gather in the streets and the market to shake off those cold gray winter blahs. The skyline will be filled with luminaries, interactive installations, our laser show, a beer tent, DJ’s raised into the air, live dance performances, and oh so many more de-LIGHT-fool surprises! If you have never been to FoolMoon before, you won’t want to miss it.