Hello All,

Splitting out my home build projector for parts, please send me offers on anything you would like.
All fully working iím just not really up for the fiddly optical setups, want to get a module built by someone who knows what they are doing :

Diodes (All DTR, all in copper housing with G2 glass lens) :
2 x RED - ML501P73-02 500mw 638nm
1 x Green - Nichia NDG7475 1w 520nm
1 x Blue - NUBM07 2.9w 465nm

Other Bits :

2 x Kinematic Mounts
2 x 25mm Round Dichros
1 x Newport MM1 small kinematic mount
1 x PBS Cube with waveplate
1 x DT25 Galvo Set (Block, galvos, amps PSU)
2 x 6x Cylindrical correction lens pairs (with mounts)

Pics here :

Any questions feel free to PM me.