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    Hi I was wondering how difficult would it be to get a Kyrpton laser head going?
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    That's a Coherent 90-MK medical sled, not an I90K.. Its been out of service two or three years, so the tube pressure is up through the roof from continuous, designed in, leakage from the fill reservoir valves.. It will possibly start but barely lase. Why suffer for ~700-1000 mW of two line red if the pressure would be correct and you had 220 three phase... ? You would be FAR better off with an Argon, you'd have a better chance of seeing lasing... Trust me, in medical service that tube got pushed hard...

    That tube doesnt even warm up until you have 2-3 amps of magnet current and 3o amps of tube current, unless it has the series magnet (lottery--- depends on model year) If it has the series magnet, you still need 25 amps to see anything decent, and a max of 35 amps.

    Off 220 single, if you have a hyperefficient buck mode power switching supply (about as common these days as hens teeth) you might get 220 or so mw of red provided you have city water instead of a well and a 235 volt minimum line voltage. I've owned a few of them. I used to repump them for a friend who used the commercially and had four of them in research service at a university at any time.

    I live out in the country, when the well kicks on, the laser power goes way down as the pole pig (transformer) loads up.

    You can't run it without a current limiting power supply designed for an ion laser. Even the cathode heater is 22-25 amps at 3.3 VAC... ie around 100 -125 watts,,,

    So unless you have three phase, or the starship engineering skills and unlimited time of a "Mr. Scott" , leave it alone. Your still looking at a lot of support hardware in the form of a very large commercial ion laser power supply to run it. Plus making an umbilical cable.

    IF you get it, there are only four or five guys in the country left that know how and have the tools to pull the pressure down if it has issues. I'm one of them... All the others save one will want about 1000-2000$ and shipping to even look at it...

    Get an Argon with a PSU, its half the battle of a Krypton.

    I've been watching that auction for two or three years.. I have the tooling to use it, and I'm biting my tongue to stop from buying it, as I have two in the barn. Let it be..

    Even if you had the power and water, your still looking at another 500-600$ worth of difficult to fix hardware plus shipping on 60 to 200 pounds of crated power supply just to try to get going.

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