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Thread: Coherent Sapphire LP 488-20 Laser System (includes lab-style CDRH controller)

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    Default Coherent Sapphire LP 488-20 Laser System (includes lab-style CDRH controller)

    What's included:

    • Coherent Sapphire LP 488-20
    • Coherent Sapphire LP CDRH Controller
    • All necessary cables

    Includes everything necessary to get you up and running.

    Diode Current (Max): 2.05A

    Diode Current (20mW): 1.55A
    Reserve Current: 24% @ 20mW

    "Sapphire LP lasers are manufactured in cleanrooms using Coherent’s patented PermAlign™ technology for optimal aligning and solderbonding the optics. This patented technology results in the best beam quality and power stability as well as the lowest noise over the complete lifetime of the laser." - Coherent, Inc

    22k hours on the laser head, but many of these hours were probably accumulated while the laser was on standby (laser diode OFF).

    24% reserve current at 20mW works out to about 2,500 hours at full power.

    The lab-style controller provides a readout of the output power % and allows power output control via the front dial.

    Also has an RS232 serial interface which you can send commands and retrieve information from. This can be used for remote control or automation.
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