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Thread: 125 Watt Solar Panel wanted.

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    Default 125 Watt Solar Panel wanted.

    I'm not going to use my remaining 175 Rohm laser diodes. I haven't got the resources to use them, and I haven't the patience to sell 5 at a time to limited demand on eBay. For specs, see the links on the listings I posted earlier in this sub-forum.

    Their bulk worth is about the same as a 125W solar panel, i.e. £500, so if anyone in the UK has such a panel (ideally monocrystal, or polycrystal, NOT amorphous), I'll take it. If you're lucky enough to get one cheaper, you'll get a bargain here. The panel must be new, or in new condition. I'd consider one that wasn't if it's in full working order, but I'd want to keep a few of those diodes in that case.

    Edit: eBay auction 160132062675 shows what I want. It includes for £514 the charge regulator and some mounting gear and cables. I'd give up my diodes for that. As they'll sell for upwards of £20 for five on eBay, those diodes are worth more to anyone with the patience to use them even if they just punt them out, they can nearly double their money if they can average over £25 for five. I don't want to do it though, I don't want to wait.
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