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Thread: New Build (FINALLY!!!)

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    Default New Build (FINALLY!!!)

    After collecting bits here and there and kinda-of starting for about 5 years, I am finally getting around to knocking together my lumia projector. The whole projector will be queued via DMX; the speed of the motors, the rotary solenoids that will divert the beams to different effects, and the brightness of each laser. This is going to have four RGB sources, some with different wavelengths for variety... e.g. 445nm and 462nm, 520nm and 532nm... Even though they are running through dichros, it's only to conserve space. Each color will have it's own path. The only RGB source that will have a nearly aligned path will be feeding some torture tubes for some good color mixing seen here:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    So, nothing special here. Same W.D. sample pattern glass that everyone is using with a hobnail bowl on a 3d printed turntable for the top tier.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The bottom tier will have a few torture tubes and a three-layer cut crystal effect, each crystal glass will be (optionally) rotated on different axes.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    All the motors are 0.6 RPM but they'll be on a speed controller that can get them down to 0.2 RPM when needed. Those will be controlled via a DMX LED dimmer. Each motor has a fast quenching diode to counter the back EMF. Still a ton to do but the hardest part (or so I have been told) is getting started. I don't believe that but regardless, I have broken ground.

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    Excellent, congrats!

    You can use a diamond holesaw to turn your square glass into circles.

    Please keep posting.

    See you at SELEM?

    Runs with Lasers

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    Try adds liquids of different index. If you are careful you can pour a stepped gradient liquid like mgcl2

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