Time to let my projector go to a new home.
With the help and knowledge of this forum I constructed this over a year a few years back and it has been rock solid when I have used it.

It would make a great base to upgrade or just use it as it is for small venues or setting up shows.

It has a balanced output of 500mw (measured when I attended a LEM) or crank the blue up (C4sio 1w diode 445nm?) for 1 watt +
Green is 170mw 552nm, Red is 650nm combined twin.

Drivers are Dr Lavas P2 (Red) and P3 (Blue) I bought the Green as analogue but it turned out to be TTL.

Scanners are DT25's (single board)

FB3 SE mounted in its own enclosure and includes LivePro license.

All optics & mounts are either Laserwave or Edmund.

All modules are fully micro adjustable X&Y plus height.

No glueing here, everything tapped and bolted.

The system is ready to go with its own flightcase, leads and smoke machine. All you need is a laptop & to download the Pangolin software (LivePro license will be provided)

This is collection only from London N1

Bargain at 350