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Thread: One of our own made some ink!

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    Thumbs up One of our own made some ink!

    Congratulations to Connor Fagans, aka Glrock here on the forum, for being featured in a great write-up by Esco Optics. Check it out! Link:

    Connor attended his first SELEM last year and impressed many of us with his knowledge and enthusiasm, not to mention the artwork he created for some of his custom graphics shows. Since SELEM he has started a laser club at his school and put on a few public performances for the school and his neighbors. He certainly has a bright future ahead of him!

    The article also features Drake Anthony, aka StyroPyro. Drake was at SELEM last year too, and like so many first-timers he had a great time and immediately commented that he "should have started coming to SELEM long ago"!

    The article briefly mentions PhotonLexicon as a website where people can learn more about lasers, but I think it would have been better if they had said a bit more about our group here, not to mention SELEM. Still, it's a great write-up overall, and I though everyone would get a kick out of seeing one of our own mentioned in a prominent article.


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    Congratulations Connor!

    "Help, help, I'm being repressed!"

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    Hes a great kid I enjoyed sharing some show time with him. Very promising future.

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    Not trying to drag up a dead thread, but I want to thank everyone for your support. Working on this with Esco was fun, and the company as a whole is incredibly down to earth and a pleasure to chat with. In case anyone's interested, I also ended up donating a graphics show to the company. It's probably about 30% pangolin content, 70% my own stuff, but I'm pretty pleased with it considering I can't draw and I traced most of it from photos.

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    Default Not the only one :)

    SELEM got some Props here also

    THis is the most recent issue of Juiced GS (Apple II computer magazine) with a nice article on the Apple II laser DAC I showed last year.
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