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Thread: Never mind pointing lasers at aircraft!

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    Default Never mind pointing lasers at aircraft!

    Have you seen this video yet!

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    In soviet Russia, aircraft point laser at you!

    Cool video. Curious the weight of the cargo at takeoff. That's a lot of Pyro!
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    I don't want to be the person complaining when this was obviously a job well done and very hard and risky one at that, but I don't understand why we have boring random flickering beam effects even for high power shows such as this one. The beams look bright enough to notice so why shoot them randomly? To me it looks like a cheap disco effect even for the background music. They could do something more interesting with the beams like have them rotate in a symmetrical formation and have each even or odd beams dim or move to the beat rather than shake all of them to each beat randomly.

    By the way at 1:00 the camera made it look like the plane was on fire and was about to explode.

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    I thought about this the last time someone posted this video. (It made the rounds on Reddit earlier this year too.) And while I agree that it looks like it could have been done better, the more I think about it the less I would want to try.

    I think the big problem would be trying to synchronize the pyro and laser effects from the plane with the music on the ground while also ensuring that the pilot was in perfect position for each effect. Sure, with a combination of RF remotes, programmable delay on the audio, and an extremely experienced pilot, plus a talented show programmer on the ground and shitload of practice, you could probably do it. But would all that extra effort be worth it for a festival?

    In my opinion the whole concept is unique enough that the average festival goer is going to love it no matter if the sync is a bit off. And at the end of the day, that's all they need to do: amaze the crowd for just a few minutes and collect a check.

    Laserists are their own worst critics, after all.


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