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Thread: Changing the unserviceable blue laser module in an RGB Laser Systems LP2000 Projector

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    Default Changing the unserviceable blue laser module in an RGB Laser Systems LP2000 Projector

    Please could I ask for some advice before I start repairing my new Ďoldí laser. Itís an early LP2000 made by RGB Laser Systems, rated at 1800mW.

    It had a strange double blue laser module with 2 output beams, which are combined with the green using a dichro for one blue & a PBS Cube for the 2nd. It is very low on power, so I have bought a replacement 445nm 2000mW analogue modulation module & PSU, which Iíd like to fit into the system. I realise the balance of the RGB to White(ish) will be different, as the G & R are only 700mW & 1400mW respectively. I will just manually reduce the B using the appropriate potentiometer on the back panel or in software.

    I have the owner manual for 2 different types of LP2000, but I cannot obtain any circuit or schematic diagrams, even from the manufacturer.

    Physical Installation/Alignment:

    I need to physically fit the new module where the older much larger one was, so I hope itís beam is the same height as the old. But if it isnít, could an adapter plate or shims be used raise the module? I will have to ensure heat is conducted away into the base. I just hope these things are a standard height & that my new moduleís beam isnít higher than the old. Not sure what to do in that case; can you buy Ďperiscopesí to lower laser beams? Extra loss & increased divergence.

    Once I have sorted this do I introduce the new blue beam into the PBS cube or the blue dichro? If I can go into the dichro, do I still need the PBS cube, so could I remove it? (I can look up the wavelengths of the old dual blue module if that helps answer this question?).

    Do I need to physically be able to slightly alter the position of the new blue module for alignment reasons? Iím fairly sure all alignment is by adjusting X & Y screws of the dichro & mirror mounts rather than the laser modules, which appear to be securely bolted in place.


    I would need to connect the new moduleís analogue modulation input to the ILDA connector via the existing blue level pot.
    But the colour channels in the ILDA interface are differential?, so there must be some opamps somewhere to convert that back to single ended. I think I will need to find this, or might be best to just connect to the wiper of the blue level pot possibly, if that is where the current blue laser module modulation wire is connected to.

    All this would be SO much easier with circuit diagrams! Even schematic diagrams would be helpful.

    Most of the internal wiring is strapped together, meaning I will have to release it to accertain where things are connected. Thatís ok though, because Iím going to tidy-up the wiring into a proper wiring loom (Iím an ex-Avionics/Aerospace engineer, so am used to making looms using lacing cord etc.)

    Removal of old PSU/driver(s):-

    Do you think the removal of the old blue laser moduleís PSU/driver could affect any other modules or the operation of the projector as a whole? e.g. there may be TEC cooled employed for a very old Blue laser module etc.

    If anyone has any suggestions, observations, or ideas about these issues or if there are any other considerations I need to look into, then please let me know. I can send or post photos of the General Arrangement or specific areas.

    Many thanks,

    Si Bond,
    Ilchester, Somerset, UK.

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    One picture would literally mean a thousand words. Also we generally stop reading after two paragraphs.

    post a picture or ten. Annotate those. We will then ask questions or and suggest. Happy to help.

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