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Thread: SELLING: Pea soup phantom Hazer. Less than 20 hours on it

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    Default SELLING: Pea soup phantom Hazer. Less than 20 hours on it

    Purchased this hazer direct from pea soup awhile back. Amazing results! Paid $3600 with shipping to get it here. Comes in a road case, dmx interface and regulator. The hazer puts out a ton of volume, hang time seems to last forever. Uses very little fluid. I still have a full gallon out of two left. Never Toured. We used it to demonstrate light beams from studio fixtures.

    Why am I selling ? Iím not using it as much as I should and the fact that I just blew the engine in my car doesnít help.

    I want to be fair about the price but I canít give it away. Itís absolutely a super high end machine with incredible results. If your in Texas and want to see it in use, let me know. Iím in Austin. Can easily arrange a room for demo. Will fill a 80x40 space in a minute

    Considering the low hours and the fact that it is In the same condition as it was when i received it brand new. Iíd like to get $3000 out of it. Save yourself $600 and 3 weeks of delivery. $3k will get it shipped to you. If you want to pick it up locally then letís figure $2600. Excluding PayPal fees. I do prefer local cash and carry but I understand that might not be possible. If you pick up l, I can give you a 20 pound tank of co2. Cant ship the tank tho.

    Lemme know if any one has interest. This is along the lines of an MDG atmosphere. I have the receipt and itís under warranty.

    Hate to let it go but I need wheels.

    I can take some pix and send over if you want to see it.

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