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Thread: SELEM 2020 possible date change - discuss!

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    Default TY buffo

    I agree.
    Some here may not know how hard it is to get a venue anything even close to SELEM. Because of that many LEMs dont happen.
    TEXLEM 2012 was held (in San Antonio at URBAN 15 center for the arts)the ONLY weekend much as I enjoy the game-- I would have been fine with that weekend forever.
    Sadly now even that weekend is booked--..AND no other weekends are (ever) unbooked.. too bad as, it was an excellent place in every way. (imho better than the SELEM venue in some ways)--we had a place to spend the nights--big kitchen and shower room.

    I have spent time every year since TEXLEM just trying to find a good place (in TX). I had hopes that a TX member would see the great advantages of having a venue so close that they can sleep in their own beds etc. and find us a venue-- and I am concerned more about the event vs the when and where.---I have always felt that TX has enough members in DFW (as well as Houston-Austin-San Antonio etc) and a few others.---- we just need an affordable and suitable venue that works. Line up the venue and THEY will come.

    SO-- do SELEM no matter what--almost every member attending their 1st LEM ( SELEM et al) plans to attend next year if at ALL possible and if not they should hold a small local one).... the SELEM venue is awesome....
    I held a MINI POP_UP LEM just a few months after my 1st SELEM and tho very small I considered it to be a great LEM. Any such LEMs could be the start of a great one every year. Special thanks to Evil300 and Platinum for coming to my tiny LEM and putting on a great laser show...

    One more point--We have a few outstanding members who pay early (very important btw) and sometimes cannot attend-- they never ask for the fee back--bas, I guess, n they consider the event more important--- refunding is not possible for many good reasons... I plan to pay for next year NOW-- for some that makes going more likely. Hope to see you all in 2020.... Going by the response-- it does not look good for DFWTEXLEM 2019.

    any Tx venue in any area is acceptable btw..

    The weekend in the TEXLEM (in the DFW area) thread has not gotten many posts--- Too bad coz Rick and Tiffany will be doing a free Pink Floyd concert near DFW-- it would be a awesome Sat night highlight for the event. 'Bricks' was afaik the first PF tribute band AND IS the best.

    The laser show just might be even better the the ones at PF concerts.
    I will in that area before and a while after.. so DFWLEM 2019 might just be a few members-- Kevin (gadget) can be counted on ... as well as a few others close-- (even if it is only us 4)so while it may be small, it WILL still be a great LEM. ...and hopefully we will have a LEM somewhere in TX..

    Lase on!!!


    I am Happy to answers any Qs about LEMs and if I can't --- we will ask Buffo.(he da man!!)- Due to a few members at LPF who are not here at PL -there will be TXLEM threads at both forums..
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