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Thread: CYGN-B

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    Thank you Ron, for this and your many contributions. With out the exact audio which you cared to archive, these classic audio / laser synchronization licks being visualized would be much less certain.

    Beginning with the following snips of previous comments:

    Quote Originally Posted by laserist View Post
    a 3U euro card format that did:Multiplex 16 x/y image selection
    Master x&y gain
    Individual x&y gain
    Variable rotation
    Fixed rotation
    Audio mod multipliers with some switching
    Spiral multipliers with some switching
    A place to insert offset
    A place to insert spiral sweep
    A place to insert a different kind of spiral sweep

    It would be one channel per card.

    the image processing section. There are two other sections, image generation and control/automation. Any number of things can go into image generation, but there are rules. Everything has to be either digitally or voltage controlled. And all of the controls run through the control/automation section. This allows an iterative approach to developing a performance and allows the performer to override things in real time. Or the data can be edited later. I've thought about trying to totally lasso lumia into this paradigm, but since you can't instantly jump to the other side of the disk or what ever lumia doesn't completely fit. So I'd make an exception for some aspects of lumia, but the housekeeping would still go through the control/automation section. Obviously there are lots of ways to implement the override function. I doubt it would be practical or desirable to have the override on the individual pot or switch level. Choosing the level of complexity of the override capability is a huge multiplier of the complexity of the system as a whole.
    I am interested in pinning down with as much certainty as possible what exactly this describes. I can't offer much to a project like this except organizing information and writing software. Even if no more than a discussion of ideals, these could be an interesting and useful set of ideals to consider.

    Attached graphic illustrates my current understanding of the overview being described.

    Thoughts / questions:
    1. Does "Multiplex 16 x/y image selection" mean 32 pins for 16 differential inputs, or does it mean stack inputs through serialization or something?

    2. Is one requirement to offer an all analog signal path from the image generators through processing to the output?

    3. Are color signals brought through the image processing board, or in other words, is the output of each processing board similar or equivalent to an ILDA out?
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    Hi Greg, sorry I've gotten myself totally involved in a different project, and I just don't have the bandwidth for laser stuff at the moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laserist View Post
    Hi Greg, sorry I've gotten myself totally involved in a different project, and I just don't have the bandwidth for laser stuff at the moment.
    Understood. I have projects taking bandwidth from laser too. Hopefully we'll talk again over future specs or past data.

    I intend to continue to post development reports to this thread as they occur. There's plenty of unrevealed points of interest in the information that has been provided, including the Danube board build, exploration of the spiral board with data, and updates to the 351 visualizer software.

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