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Thread: Help to make animation?

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    Default Help to make animation?

    A friend of mine is playing in a band, and i want to suprise him setting up some lasers for their upcomming yearly liveconsert. They have a bandlogo with this dude walking. I really would like to animate this figure and make it look like he is actually walking, tap his feet to the rythm etc. Have been trying using QuickTime and the frame editor, but i realise this is not my strongest side.

    So - are there anybody here capable and willing to look into the matter? Format could be anything that QuickTime or Beyond can use. When using Quick Trace, I see that the que in OK quality will contain about 350 points.
    This is actually the first time i ask for help through PL during my years here.

    I put up the jpg with the Logo. Is i can`t attach the QT Cue with the animation so far, i can send it by mail or PM. You might PM me if there are any questions you want to ask in private.

    And the band name? Svigermors Drøm. "Mother in law`s dream"

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    Draw the walk on paper then trace in beyond. Make the hair length move a bit so it looks organic. Head should move to with arms. Foot tap could be simple two frames but I’d move the head back as the foot comes down and make the hair track.

    its going take work but you can do it just work slowly.

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