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Thread: Clubmax 3000 FB4 vs Clubmax 3400 FB4 & Discoscan 2.0

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    Default Clubmax 3000 FB4

    Hello All,

    I have just ordered a Clubmax 3000 FB4, based on a discussion with a Pangolin rep about the red having a larger diameter beam than the other colors on the 3400.

    A note to anyone else looking at ordering: shipping is from Slovakia and is approximately $325 to the continental US.

    I will update this thread with more when it arrives in a few weeks. Let me know if there is anything specific you want me to look at.

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    I already have a CM 3400 FB4 projector. In my experience, the extra 300 mW red diode is significant. White is indeed "white", with no strong pink tint. It's worth the extra cost. No need to worry because this is a very professional projector so you get value for money.

    Greetings: István

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    I can't see why having extra red would alleviate a pink tint to the white on the 3400. If anything a pink tint is an indication of too much red. The typical antidote to a pink tint would be to add more blue or reduce the red power. Given these two projectors have the same amount of blue and green, if the 3000 you had was exhibiting a pink tinge, I'd suggest either your blue or green was turned down on the 3000 projector or a module was faulty and under powered - maybe the loss of a diode in a multi-diode module.

    With any projector you should balance the colours and if using Beyond that means using Advanced Pallete Training which will yield excellent results. That would be my advice to the OP - use APT if you have Beyond and you will be able to get exactly the colours you want.

    I can understand the OP's concerns and Kvant's advice if the red is fatter in the 3400, because what you will get is red fringing in the 3400 with beams where the red is fatter than the other 2 beams. There is no antidote to that as no amount of pallete training can affect beam diameter.

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