Brad I just placed my order with Justin at Pangolin and picked up a haze fogger also. Now the FUN starts! Waiting to receive it and start their comprehensive training. BTW They did set me up as a dealer and I値l be selling equipment for them. Thank you so much for all the help in making my final decision on a direct purchase. The warranty and direct support will be very beneficial to me. Please don稚 hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can help with. I値l see you at SELEM in August! As soon as registration is live I値l be registering myself and my right hand technician to attend. He lives in NC. I was just down there last night. Lol Thanks again and my telephone number is 757-746-9803 (mobile) if you need to speak urgently. Save me in your contacts and I値l do the same once I get your number. Thanks again friend! Mark Erney