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Great job and awesome pics.

Thanks! For a while now, I thought I could pull off this type of show, but didn't feel confident telling prospective clients that I could, since I never had. I didn't want to over promise, take a client's cash, and then under deliver and disappoint them. That would look bad for everybody that does laser gigs.

Now, I've got more experience, learned more and have videos to show to prospects. I'm ready to keep doing shows like this (and even bigger - eventually) as soon as life gets back to normal.

The turning point for me was last August after SELEM. A few weeks before SELEM, I was excited to get to go to the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular (cheapest seats $40) here in New Orleans. It was nice but the auditorium at SELEM blows it away. PF spectacular uses less projectors and relies on you wearing diffraction grating glasses to multiply the beams. So with what I learned over the last three years at SELEM and seeing that the "professional" Pink Floyd show is less impressive than late night Saturday in the auditorium, I realized that everyone has to start somewhere. This gave me the confidence to take on a paid gig, plan it methodically, practice for days before the show, make back up plans, and bring/setup redundant gear & cable runs. I was nervous at the beginning of the event, but that went away quickly and I'm very happy with how it worked out. Thanks again.

Oh, and I have my wife to thank for the cool pics and video. Her hobby is amateur photography. She always needs an expensive new lens, camera, or this or that. Sounds familiar!