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Thread: How Many LEMs Are There Besides SELEM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffo View Post
    The German Laserfreak conference was first (and is still the biggest), so they belong at the top of any list. But regarding "LEMs" in particular, we have

    UKLEM (Both Surfleet and Show-LEM)
    Camp-LEM (Picasso and Lazerman532 can provide details)


    Thanks for all of your replies.
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    Wish you had been there Rick-- yr profile sez you joined in 2013 --TEXLEM San Antonio TEXLEM was 2012. Help us organize the next TXLEM up your way and we will make up for that..

    TEXLEM was a year before you joined us....

    MYB you-and/or others near DFW can seek a good venue.
    It need not be perfect and as we know many first LEMs are not always well attended, BUT you can count on better attendance the following year.

    Questions you need to ask/answer for the first DFWLEM.

    COST-- afaik most first LEMs are underfunded-=-thus the organizers may have to pay most of the costs. BUT on the upside a cheaper venue can be okay.
    'Indoor camping' allowed?
    Any issues with loud music?
    parking for campers? power?
    water hook=up is great but not a deal breaker IMHO
    showers? in venue?
    Place outdoors to play with our quads?
    Good weekend cost to use? Can we get in early to set up?
    220V ? there might be some gassers that need that?
    MYB Ask about fire alarms-- foggers/hazers can set them off--but we can disable temp. (cover with shower cap)
    Both the PD and the FD need be on our same page with us.
    they need our cell numbers and we may want to invite some to attend.
    Donations for doorprizes are needed--(we can count on AixiZ as always)

    I understand that ATM we do not know for sure that a LEM will be allowed. (COVID) .....look for venues with for sale or rent signs. AND ask the questions. OR they may know of other options.

    hope to visit you soon--hak

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    IMHO any laser gathering with two or more forum members and one or more RGB laser projectors and music--is a LEM.
    STEXLEM was like that- 3 members 3 projectors -- we partied unto local friends are still asking when will we do it again.
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