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I haven't decided what I want to achieve other than programmable lights. SP106E looks like something that would be fun to play with (and I'll probably buy one just to have) but I'm tending toward individual or individual groups within the string of LEDs to be independently programmable. Like I said earlier, I started investigating various ways to upgrade this old light box, time passes, memory fades, so I'm re-visiting this. I've download the WS28xx datasheet, now this is exactly the kind of thing what I want as a light source.

I have an Arduino Nano that I will need to re-familiarize myself with. My inclination is toward being able to program light sequences to specific pieces of music and easily upload different routines.

Just watched this YT tutorial on LED strip comparisons and found it terrifically enlightening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnvircC22hU

Thanks again for the suggestions and insights...feel free to hijack this thread as much as you want, too.
I just watched the video. He nailed it! Glad you are inspired to do some LED design. It's a lot of fun.
Keep us updated on your progress on the light box.

You may want to look at getting an SP105E controller too. They are more for manual control, but may be usable for some of your future applications.


Let me know if you have any other questions.