I thought I would try to setup a site dedicated to us laserists.

There is plenty of forums and things with bits of useful information etc, but it tends to be quite hard to find exactly what you are looking for.

At the moment i have set up a gallery for the UK meets (200 odd photos there from last Sundays meeting) but I plan to have other sections for things like ILDA files and tutorials for doing laser related bits and bobs.

So if anyone has some time spare and would like to do some content that would be great.

Iím thinking things like :

How to tune DT40s / other types of scanners
How to align optics / lasers
Mounts / other tips and tricks

Anything really.

More data the better for tutorials. (Photos / Videos / Text / Drawings)

If you send them to me I can print them into PDFs and make a little downloadable pack etc.

Also detailed product reviews would be great. (Pics / videos / tech specs / how the actual product compares with the manufactures quoted spec etc)

If anyone else has anything else they would like to see on the site please give me a shout.

Also everybody is entitled to their own gallery on the photo system, just register on the top of the page and you can start uploading your photos / create your own albums etc.

Any questions give me a shout.