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    Default Ancient Diode Laser

    Here's one that's really, really old. This RCA type TA2628R GaAs laser was made in February of 1969 according to the data sheet in the box. Looking through old publications, I found the "new product introduction" for it in The Laser Newsletter of December 1966, and the ad below in Laser Focus the following month. It had an output of 4.0 W peak power at 905 nm, and operated at 9 v at 27 C. Its maximum pulse width was 0.2 us, and maximum duty cycle was 0.1%. Running them CW meant using liquid nitrogen to get to 77K.
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    ... uh - that's pretty old!!

    I've got my first "high power" laserdiode around 1992 - bigger TO housing, 1 Watt max. CW, price was 1500 Deutschmarks

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