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Thread: Galvo details for beginners?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mixedgas View Post
    Unless you are talking about some very exotic, beasts that use digital encoders or rotary interferometers, most galvos are analog. They do exist, but the cost is enormous.
    "Enormous cost" sounds like laser marking industry. May be such galvos are widely used there meanwhile?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elmi View Post
    "Enormous cost" sounds like laser marking industry. May be such galvos are widely used there meanwhile?
    Yes for marking and semiconductor manufacturing use. Finding complete used digital systems in known working order is difficult, and I've never found a schematic of a typical driver.
    I have seen over the years, request after request for help with those go unanswered. No problem understanding what the processor must do, but not very hobbyist friendly.
    Analog is good enough for most one off, homemade things, unless your building a wafer stepper in the basement..

    I was told by the president one of the galvo manufacturers years ago, that there were far better things they made for in house use, and for remarkably large clients. Then there are the lessor performing semi-commodity items they sell to the tier two and tier three clients. In house use means they sell whole manufacturing systems as a separate product line, administrated by their parent company. This after five minutes of looking at a projector moving very large mirrors at the limit of the physics, scanning an image that one would not expect a large galvo to scan without flashing in the image from slow retrace. Trade shows are often wonderful places for seeing high performance unobtainium, after paying dearly for travel costs.

    So unless you buy directly from the factory, you may be on your own for documentation and support.

    Adding an external optical tracking or sensing system to a scan system for digital enhancement has never been much of a problem either.

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    William benners book as suggested is VERY good..
    but there is also this old one..
    The galvo part is still relevant but the color control and "modulation" isnt so relevant anymore.

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