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Thread: RGB Reflector needed

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    Nice work listened to your album. Take some pictures of the guts. Will be much easier to tell you what you have cubes or prisms. Iím betting on prisms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hakzaw1 View Post
    it has bothered me a long time that we must ship almost all PJs back to china--this is too expensive IMHO.
    BUT I found a better PJ at a better price tag (>300$usd for 1 W)

    they like to send free parts and guide the buyer thru a repair with a video--Ansen at GaGa is very helpful.
    He has threads here and replies fast.
    I am working on a review/test of the 1 W--FULL COLOR far I am very impressed with EVERYTHING--it got delivered during the pandemic and Christmas rush-- 4 days!! to Texas!! If you really need it & ordered today you may have in in time for that NYE party .(may cost extra)

    nothing now that needs a fix--but nice to know Ansen is there for us.
    it is a great PJ for those not sure they want get into them--ez to resell but you will want to keep it. Two swell PJs and Quckshow for ~ $1000usd +$hip.
    In the description Gaga has 'red laser corrected' could that be the same problem Wendy had?? its 637nm going under the hood this weekend pics will be posted in my review/test
    Hak, so who is your PJ source?
    Everything depends on everything else

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