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Thread: ILDA conference discount for PhotonLexicon users

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    Default ILDA conference discount for PhotonLexicon users

    Hey everyone;

    Patrick Murphy asked me to share this with everyone here on PhotonLexicon. They're offering laser forum users a special discount code for this year's virtual ILDA conference, which will be held on-line over the weekend of November 20-22. Check it out:

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    The online ILDA Cloud Conference will be the weekend of Nov. 20-22 (Nov. 21-23 in some time zones). There will be 57 hours of streaming, managed by Will Carder and Newlin Parker. About 25 hours will be planned events like the Laser Jockey competition and the ILDA Awards. About 32 hours will be the informal “ILDA After Dark” where people can get together online for shows, chat, etc.

    Complete information on the Conference is at

    SPECIAL CODE DISCOUNT: ILDA Members get the lowest registration rate of $57. But non-ILDA members in a laser group such as “The Laserist”, a LEM, LaserFreaks or PL, can use a special discount code. This gives a rate of $77, which is valid through October 20. After that time, the non-ILDA member rate of $157 applies. The discount code is LSTcxd-112020

    HOW TO USE THE CODE: Go to the page, select the 2020 ILDA Cloud Conference - Full Stream, and then the “Full Stream Conference for laser groups” registration. Enter the code and the pricing of $77 will be applied.

    LASER JOCKEY ENTRANTS: Note that if someone wants to enter in the Laser Jockey competition, they have to be ILDA Members. So they should NOT use the laser group special code. Instead, join ILDA — $30-$40 right now — and then go back, register for the Conference as an ILDA Member, pay the $57 registration fee in full, then register for the Laser Jockey event.

    More information on the Laser Jockey competition is at
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    Just a reminder, the deadline for the discounted ILDA Virtual Conference ends on October 20th. Please go to if you are interested in participating.

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