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Thread: Phunny Phings You Have Pheard Photon Lexicon Laserists Say...

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    Default Phunny Phings You Have Pheard Photon Lexicon Laserists Say...

    In response to a "Why would I use this expensive power supply for my Diode" question, I heard a laserist say:

    "Because the laser itself is rarer than hen's bollocks in the large subset of non - hermaphrodite chickens?"

    Might have been me that typed that....

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    Priceless Steve!

    There is a thread on the "other" forum where a guy just blew up a 488 nm diode because he didn't use a constant current driver. Granted, 488 nm in a direct diode isn't as rare as some other wavelengths, but it's still pretty far from common. Why someone would risk a $100 diode by not buying a $25 driver is beyond me...


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    I thought my quote was rather funny and on point.

    "If your goal is to learn how to play the guitar and you're disappointed because you don't know what part to put in your mouth or how to blow into it, you probably won't be very good at it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffo View Post
    Why someone would risk a $100 diode by not buying a $25 driver is beyond me...
    I feel the same way about Lasorbs. They are only $8 each and may save your diode. It isnít really even a matter of the cost of diodes these days (with a few exceptions), but more about the trouble of replacing a dead diode and realigning everything. A few bucks preventing an issue versus four hours fixing something later? Thatís an easy call!

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    Default addition defense

    "I agree with you about the name brand pharmaceuticals and other so called prescription anti-depressants. I've seen that tragedy occur in loved ones. But regarding purple micro dot, tools have to be sharp to be effective. Don't blame the soldering iron for damaging the traces on a circuit board if you turn the temperature up too high."

    The person who wrote the above is trying to defend there drug addiction comparing LSD to Pharmaceuticals as if there two different things.

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