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Thread: Broadband krypton argon mirrors

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    I'm glad i tried throwing a HeNe OC in the mix
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Iíve wanted to see if this will work for a longtime. Your mirror must be external to change out. Can you slip a green bandnotch filter in there to suppress the green line and still have it work? Prob going need near perfect alignment but in theory it should work. If that works you might be able to use a broadband OC with a series of tuning notches. Never seen it done suspect it wonít work due to getting reflection efficiency right and loss and messing up the focus but an idea to roll your own.

    I had thought of this in dpss to suppress 1064 for other lines.... intracavity suppression

    just as a start try a gel filter and see if you get lucky till it incinerates or a reflect green dichro. Will suppress red and green for the blues and yellows. Actually should pass the red now I think or it. Likely to much loss.

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