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    Since I have been building lasers I always thought that diode mounts missed something. Some one can be fixed from below, some allow the diode to rotate to find the sweet spot when using prisms or cylindricals, ....
    So I thought to try and design a mount that overcomes some of those disadvantages.
    I now have a design that seems ok for me:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    All made out of 6061 alu and natural color anodised. On top you can put 2 M3 screws to fix the mount to a base plate. The third screw on top is to fix and secure the M9x0.5 lens when the sweet spot has been found.
    On the back you have a plate that holds the diode and that can rotate a bit. This plate is secured with 2 M2 screws.
    Beam height from the mount is 15mm. This allows to mount it on a 10mm alu plate and have a 4mm TEC underneeth to get 29mm final beam height.
    The block is 20mm wide, 12mm deep and 26mm heigh.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I mailed around to have some prices for manufacturing this in small quantities.
    My first impressions are that I could make these to sell for around 25euro a piece.
    I would make them for 9mm diodes first and maybe later on for 5.6mm.

    Would there be interest for such a mount?
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