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Thread: Casustics from a laser passing through standing waves formed on a liquid lens

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    Laser Warning Casustics from a laser passing through standing waves formed on a liquid lens

    Always searching for new techniques for generating laser lumia I went down a rabbit hole searching for novel ways of generating caustics as well as the construction of liquid lenses.

    My search led me to a project of an individual who was using a micro controllers PWM signal sent to an amplifier to drive a speaker upon which he placed a shallow cup with about an inch of water and a mirror placed at the bottom. Sending sine waves through the speaker would generate standing waves on the surface of the water, and he would then pass a laser through what was now essentially a liquid lens, causing it to pass through twice (once when it enters, and once when it leaves) and in the process generating some truly organic lumia.
    Pretty novel technique, Ive never seen anything similar.
    I'm looking forward to recreating this setup and instead of simple red use a 3w RGB laser with some nice melty abstracts.

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    Thanks so much for sharing this!

    I had been thinking about gutting my fragile, old lumia projector to experiment with different wheels, wondering if I could find a way to project-thru and modulate a water-pattern, or a slurry of tiny reflective particles or something... The placement of a mirror and speaker is clever, and flips my idea on its head.

    I hope to recreate this and perhaps iterate on it before 2022... and can only imagine how Radiator patterns will look with this effect!
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