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Thread: Building DPSS from scratch. Trouble getting YV04 to produce any spontaneous emission

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    CHECK YOUR PMs before tearing it apart.

    UOTE=brianpe;357140]Wow, 3D Photonics has a lot of really good stuff...with specs too so you know what you're getting. I definitely see some useful things there that could save me a bundle. And thanks for the tips for the IR camera.

    Here is a close-up of the resonator. There are a total of eight mirrors and this photo also shows the beam path. There is more off to the right but it is just steering mirrors and beam shaping optics (all outside the cavity).

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    I'm going to abandon getting this head working and just take ideas and possibly parts from it. I'm thinking of an L-Fold design on an optical breadboard like this:

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    I should have much better control of the pump waist. This diagram shows an eventual change to SHG but I plan to start with just IR and a 80% OC for 1064 and then add the KTP later.[/QUOTE]
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    Ah, one of the old spectra physics heads, we used them at work. They just discontinued them.

    You can recalibrate your spectrometer if you have a source of distinct spectral lines like an argon laser or a mercury-argon lamp. You create a spreadsheet of wavelength peaks and ccd pixel location and do some math and it gives you the numbers you need to enter into the software to calibrate it.

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