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Thread: Argon Toshiba LHI-106D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methelina View Post
    If i understand well this aom was used to form a deflected way of ray into the half-round cavity to cure the ctp-offset plates in the ctp machine. I think it will be a pretty hard task to make it work
    A plate printer?

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    A typical AOM uses a fixed drive frequency to produce effectively a diffraction grating. By amplitude modulating the drive signal the intensity of the light transiting the AOM can be controlled in a pretty linear fashion. In an image setter you want to have multiple frequencies individually selected to essentially print the way old fashioned line printers printed letters - except in an image setter you're printing dots in a grid on a specific angle for each color of ink. (With a bit of dithering to avoid moire patterns within the "screen".) So this AOM probably didn't have an amplitude modulation capability - you'd control the power of the laser instead.
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