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Thread: Looking for a multimode fiber combiner

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    Default Looking for a multimode fiber combiner

    Does anyone know where I might find 800um multimode fiber combiners to combine the power from multiple FAP800 diodes?

    SMA 905 ideally.

    Alternatively, I am open to buying an 808nm 500+ watt fiber coupled laser in its entirety but this seems to be a specialty item I am having trouble sourcing. Lots of 1080 but no 808.

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    I have many IR passing fiber splitter cables which combine 6 to 8 fibers into a single fiber, however if you require a good beam profile and low insertion loss (so it doesn't melt), the part you're looking for can't be built into and adapter without the adapter knowing your beam profiles and mode distribution. It would look more like an optics bench with beam expanders and gratings and collimators to do what you're asking at high power.

    I think your lowest cost and effort is going to look like a single output fiber coupled module. If you can tolerated a 220micron diameter fiber tip and 915nm, this unit would work.

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    ... what is your intended application?

    I have several 975nm-diodes mit 200W or 270W output power, "internal" fibercoupler into a 0,2mm fiber -- I'm using them by removing the fibercoupler and focussing the parallel beam externally ...

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