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Thread: Realtime Graphics + Lasers: what options are out there?

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    Default Realtime Graphics + Lasers: what options are out there?

    Hey there,

    Iíve got a lot of experience programming real-time graphics and Iíve been finding myself more and more laser-curious lately. Iím wondering what some of the best options out there for writing generative visual software that runs on a laser projector.

    I have some experience in the past using OpenFrameworks so ofxLaser appears to be a pretty robust option with a lot of great features (3D transformations, occlusion, SVG), though Iím a bit wary of diving back into C++.

    What are some other frameworks out there that might be worth looking into? It would be great to use something that would support rapidly iterating on a screen without needing to send it on to a laser. Javascript might be the ideal language and I see that there is ilda.js, but something that also contains a drawing API (similar to ofxLaser) would help a lot too.

    Thanks for any insight!


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    How would you describe your desired work flow?

    What exactly are you trying to do?
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    Have you looked into TouchDesigner? It is a node-based powerhouse for real-time generative graphics and has compatibility with a few DACs, Helios being one. I would definitely look into it if you haven't already!

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