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Thread: Quickfx for Beyond

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    Default Quickfx for Beyond

    I just started working with Beyond and noticed several Quickfx presets are now mostly color changes and fewer movement presets and no mirror presets.
    Some of my favorites from Quickshow are missing which provide additional movement and animation.
    Can these be restored from Quickshow?
    Are there downloadable QuickFx packages/
    Thank you for your time.

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    I know you can export individual cues from Quickshow and then import those into Beyond, but I don't think Quickshow has a way to save a whole page of cues like Beyond does. (I remember other people talking about this problem.)

    Still, if you have a Quickshow cue with the effect you want, you could export it from Quickshow and then import it into Beyond. Then you'd be able to look at the cue in Beyond and see how the movement / mirror / animation effect was built.

    Sorry, but I honestly haven't used Quickshow very much at all; I got Beyond for my QM2000 long before I bought any FB3s, so by the time I finally bought an FB3 and got Quickshow, I was already using Beyond and didn't see any reason to change.

    Does Quickshow have a master workspace file? If so, you might try opening that with Beyond.


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