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Thread: Newcomer. Just a nod to others and a couple questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by absolom7691 View Post
    I saw you post this link in another thread and it prompted me to want to play around with it. It's really awesome stuff!

    I'd love to see what you can do with it. Let me know if you have any questions.
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    When you get tired of loosing hair just but an fb4 and be done with it.

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    well thanks guys. I haver looked at all of the software and hardware you have mentioned but i needed an opinion from people like you. People who use it, wrote it or lived it. I guess I didnt make a bad choice with my first hardware/software combo fb3 and beyond essentials. I do love the software but i'll admit I'm still learning. i have completed my first beamshow, a 12 min long pink floyd project I had always wanted to do since I first saw a laser. I'm sure that some of you that work in the industry might have been put off by the influx of cheap lasers and the idiots like me that followed, but to me it was a chance to do what i figured I would never get to do, because it was cost prohibitive.
    Thanks for all the insight, I'll check out laserboy and helios, spaghetti,and Im sure LSX. Right now i think i'll purchase the lifetime for beyond essentials. I'm having great fun with it and I cant just go back to quickshow I'll publish the show shortly on the beyond cloud. Ill probably be back soon because im already thinking about different scanners and would love to find a link to learn about them some more before i do anything really stupid.... like try to..... build one...

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