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Thread: LaserFreak Award 2007: Call for Entries / Invitation

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    Default LaserFreak Award 2007: Call for Entries / Invitation

    Dear Laserists,
    the guys over at are hosting a laser show competition again this year.
    The competition is held in two categories, beam show (aka. 'atmospheric effects', with audience scanning) and graphic show. The shows are limited to one projector and six minutes length.
    The participating laser shows will be presented at the LaserFreak Treffen Regensburg 2007 in Regensburg/Bavaria/Germany on 29.09.2007. Last year over 130 LaserFreaks visited and voted on the shows. The first three of each category will get a nice trophy and a price in the form laser show hardware or software.

    You can submit shows until the deadline September 7th 2007 in one of the common laser show file formats.
    Visit for the conditions of participation and the entry form.

    If you happen to be near Regensburg in Germany of course you are invited to join us. You can register as a visitor for the LaserFreak Treffen Regensburg 2007 here (There is a small entry fee of about ~10€). We also hope to be able to provide a live web stream.

    Don't hesitate, send us your show and visit us!

    (@admin: Sorry for the shameless plug )

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    Hey, a shameless plug for a laser show contest is OK in my book. Too bad I have never "made" a show. I am sure several peeps here have and will enter. I assume it is too late to get a group project going, but I'd loe to see and comment on any prospective entries.
    Love, peace, and grease,

    allthat... aka: aaron@pangolin

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    Default Hmmm, Group project... Interesting

    Maybe its time to consider a new try at a group project?.. How many pango users are there here now? Wanna try something? I dont mind editing music and setting up the sections for participants.... Let me know.... maybe pangolin users can try one, and mamba users can try one too...Just a thought
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    Maybe its time to consider a new try at a group project?.. How many pango users are there here now?
    Cool idea! I think alot more folks around here have pangolin now so something like this just might work. Anyone else? Maybe a new thread should be started.

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