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Thread: April First: Annual Report

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    Default April First: Annual Report

    Greetings, all;

    As you may reluctantly recall, last year’s report introduced the Four Barreled Laser TransModulator, a major breakthrough in trans-dimensional coherency. For some odd and nefarious reason, I was denied a chance to compete for an ILDA award for this, but what of that.

    The report on my new Rorschach And Awe project has been delayed this year, pending on field testing at tonight’s FoolMoon event in Ann Arbor, MI. This report should be forthcoming soon. This device is based on the Meta Kinetic Bilateral Photonotron that I demo’ed at SELEM last year.

    In the meantime, I here is a link to the script for the TransModulator video, which reveals a few amusing particulars that may have escaped viewers, due to my mumbling, etc. Also features some text that was edited out of the video so we could reach the coveted 4:20 runtime.

    For you latecomers, the video is here:


    ps: check out our new website, URL below.

    Mike Gould, Laser Artist
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    Runs with Lasers

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    ... such a year can pass by pretty fast

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