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Thread: Warehouse Sale: ion lasers, beam projectors, screens, and more

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    Default Warehouse Sale: ion lasers, beam projectors, screens, and more

    My warehouse has been sold and its time to downsize. I have 37 years worth of laser light show equipment that include vestiges of Science Faction, Chameleon Productions and Stone Mountain Lasers. All is owned by Quantum Laser Displays, Inc., formerly Peachtree Laser, Inc. I realize some of this has little more than scrap value but theres some really good stuff too. We need to move in the net 5-6 weeks, so were not keeping it forever. Id strongly prefer local pickup in Atlanta but may be convinced to ship certain items. I have pics of most items and can send more pics. Contact info is on That number forwards to my cell but does not take texts. Email is even better for initial contact as AT&T sometimes takes a couple of days to display voicemail.

    1) LaserMedia LM-20, custom made for World Championship Wrestling around 1997. They initially wanted to use their own laser tech who wanted a huge table with lots of positions. Had I known wed eventually inherit it, Id have talked their management into something smaller. However, it would make a great optical table. Built for a single Spectra-Physics 171 mounted behind and level with beam rail.
    85 long, 28 deep & 12 tall, actual size
    22 GM-20 beam positions, currently 7 single, 7 double, 1 Machida and one set unblanked General Scanning G-120 scanners
    Includes ATA case, 90x32x16, wheels on side with lift-off lid

    2) LaserMedia LM 14/16, custom made for Peachtree Laser around 1999. In excellent condition.

    64 long, 22 deep & 27 tall, actual size. Includes bolt-on extension plate to enable two 171s to be mounted below the beam rail. This adds 16 to the projector base length for a total base length of 80".
    2 NEOS PCAOM crystals with drivers
    2 sets Cambridge 6800 scanners
    1 Machida grating (A real Machida, not the Machado copy
    10 double beam positions, all 360o turrets with engraved emission labels which count as separate apertures
    LaserMedia colorbox for beam color control
    16-channel DMX controlled driver for actuators
    Beam rail has black anodized cover, as does 22 x 22 upper fiber optic/PCAOM crystal section
    ATA case on wheels, 68x28x31tall, removable clamshell tops
    Separate 32 tall rack case on wheels contains NEOS drivers and table driver with 15 umbilical

    3 & 4) Two Precision Projections Systems projectors, 56x26x19, will hold two lasers under beam rail. Each has:
    2 pairs GS G-120 scanners
    23 GM-20 actuators
    13 double beam positions, 4 single beam positions with fiber launchers
    One projector has ATA case, the other does not

    5 & 6) Two Lasermedia LM-8 projectors, built to hold Melles-Griot 3-watt Micro-YAG lasers under beam rail. The M-G lasers have long since died, but there would be plenty of room to mount a 6 to 10-watt RGB module inside.
    24 wide x 15 deep x 15 tall
    Each projector has:
    1 set GS G-120 scanners
    1 Machida grating (real Machida, not a copy)
    5 double beam positions, all 360o turrets with engraved emission labels which count as separate apertures, though not all positions clear the covered beam rail or rear turrets when projecting between ~ 90o and 270o
    Both have non-custom ATA cases

    7) LaserMedia LMS projector, older style that holds a single laser under beam rail
    44 long x 12 deep x 18 high with anodized aluminum cover
    9 GM-20 actuators with 2 double and 7 single beam positions

    8) One weird homemade projector made by one of Walt Meadors employees in the late 80s. Its kind of a cross between a LaserMedia LM double-wide on the bottom with a single-wide LMS beam rail on top. Its at least anodized black and has 10 GM-20 actuators and MM-1 beam positions. It has an ATA case on wheels, ~ 48x28x24 high.

    (4) Spectra-Physics 171 heads, 2 Ar, 2 ArKr. One Ar tube and both ArKr tubes are intact and were working when last started 9-10 years ago, so probably are high pressure now. One ArKr tube is, according to Spectra, the very last 171 plasma tube they manufactured. 3 heads are in ATA cases.
    (8) Spectra 270 exciters. All are in ATA cases and probably work.
    (4) Spectra 164 heads
    (2) Spectra 265 exciters
    (2) Coherent Innova 100s with exciters, 1 Ar, 1 Kr. Both tubes are probably dead.
    (7) Laser Power/Melles Griot 2.5-3 watt "Micro YAG" lasers and power supplies. All either low power or non-working.
    Lots and lots and lots of Spectra and Coherent spare parts, optics and manuals.

    (1) Giant 50x60x18 thick inflatable made for Science Faction. Dick Sandhaus gave this to us ~ 10 years ago but its just been too big for us to ever use. I have a pic of it at one of their AT&T shows. It is front-projection only. The screen rides in a custom aluminum cart maybe 5 long x 3 deep x 4 tall, with a drop-down ramp and crank system to roll the screen into the cart. SF tech Ed Oakes called it the Super Pooper Scooper. The screen includes a giant 208 3-phase blower that rides in its own cart nearly as large as the screen cart.

    (1) Nearly as large 40x50x15 thick inflatable made by Sunshine Designs for Science Faction. Also front-projection only. Includes two standard 110-volt snail fans. We set this up once at our shop for photos. In very good condition.

    (1) 25-28 diameter inflatable dome, front or rear projection. We got this from Stone Mountain Lasers, but it does not include a floor. Someone would have to have a floor made for it.

    1) Inflatable front or rear projection screen, frame is 17 x 28, actual screen size is 139 x 24. Includes 110 volt blower.

    1) Electric front-projection only screen. Rolled up, its housing is 13 long, actual screen size is 9 x 12. In excellent condition. Includes rocker-type up/down switch.

    (2) LSD scan amps. I believe these are the ones that will drive both General Scanning and Cambridge scanners.
    (6) NEOS PCAOM crystals and drivers
    (5) 45 KVA transformers, 208-480 step up or down, 2 in ATA cases, 2 have panel-mount Cam-Locks, 1 has mounted disconnects.
    Assorted feeder cables, ~ 200 6/4, ~ 100 1/0 and 2/0, Cam-Locks, breaker boxes, and disconnects.
    (6) Teel/Dayton multistage pumps
    ~600 Bosflex heavy-duty water hose
    ~ 30 8 LaserMedia 8 yoke-mounted front-surface mirrors, with fine X-Y adjustment on back
    (2) Pelican # 1690 cases, interior size 30x25x15, currently foamed for older-style Kvant Spectrum 20 RGB lasers.
    Lots of MM-1's with front surface mirrors
    Various ATA cases, work boxes and mirror boxes.
    3-4 linear Machida gratings, again the real thing, not the "Machado" copies. In LaserMedia mounts that can be rotated and tilted for alignment.
    A mirror array made by Chameleon that is a ~30"x30" black plywood board with 26 1.5" mirrors mounted in a circle. The mirrors are front surface on MM-1.5 type mounts on 2" tall posts. It has a clamp mount on the other side of the mirrors. Presumably when scanned this will project a laser cage or vortex.
    5-6 LaserMedia Fiberays, a few with G-120 scanners and amps.

    Finally, we even have a14' Laser sailboat on a trailer. It's older and complete, but unlike the other lasers, it actually floats and sails!
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    I private messaged you

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    Just to update: The loose Machidas are spoken for. I'd like to sell the complete projectors before I start stripping parts from them and will contact those who wanted them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PTLaser View Post
    Just to update: The loose Machidas are spoken for. I'd like to sell the complete projectors before I start stripping parts from them and will contact those who wanted them.

    How much do you want for the screens?

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    $ 750 each for the ~ 25' dome or 40x50' inflatable, each with a good snail fan and heavy-duty stakes. $ 600 for the 50x60' and its 3-phase blower and carts for screen and blower. The 50x60 is priced less because it is more of a white elephant. Science Faction paid big $$ for these, probably >$25k each, but we all know this isn't the 80's and 171's et al. aren't selling for $ 40k.

    I've attached pics of the screens.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 25footdome1.jpg  


    AT&T 50x60Tour Screen .jpg  



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