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Thread: Need help with Enabling an ASTEC POWERTECH 9K24-45-271 24V 45A Switchmode PS

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    Default Need help with Enabling an ASTEC POWERTECH 9K24-45-271 24V 45A Switchmode PS

    Hello I am as bad as but only much worse than the old lady watching home shopping network collecting Hubbles, Plates, Etc.

    My Primary 2 Obsessions have been collecting since retired/disabled in 1999,
    Bosch PTZ CCTV Camera System Equipment and with High Power 808NM Laser Equipment.

    I have built a 20K 532NM ILDA Laser Projector, albeit a measly 50 Milliwatts, I did obtain a Pangolin ILDA Lasershow Driver 20 Years Ago.

    I am most recently beginning to try to cobble together my innumerable 25-160 Watt 808NM FAP Fiber Diode Lasers, Peltier Assemblies, TEC Controllers, Astec Power Supplies, My still never used albeit ancient 200 Amp 600 Watt Newport RS-232 Configurable 4 Channel Newport Laser Diode Driver into some decent L-Fold or Z-Fold or X-Cavity DPSS 808NM Dual Fap Laser Diode Pumped 1064/532nm Green Laser of 3-30 Watts.

    I obtained 3 Coherent FAP Style Peltier 24V/12A Aluminum Heat Sinks with used approximate 808NM I pray by Temp Controlled Tuning with ? 15-35 Watt Fap Diodes.

    I pulled out a 12VDC/7AH Lead Acid Gel Cell Alarm Style back up battery to see at first if the peltiers might still be usable. They are wired as 2 pairs of 12VDC/12Amp Peltiers in series.
    My battery was not fully charged to 13.8VDC but only barely 12+. I got a meager 2.2Ampere Draw and cooling. So at least their not open circuited.

    I started digging through my stuff and smiled after spotting the huge 1100 Watt/ 24VDC / 45 Amp power Supply, realizing it could potentially easily power/cool both FAP Laser Coolers if I integrated a decent mosfet driven TEC Controller.

    Anyhow I looked at the power supply it 120-240VAC It has a Common/Ground Terminal And Low/High 120/240Vdc Hot Terminal Taps

    However After setting it to low 120Vac and trying the dual 2nd option wire on both A and B marked terminals it would not power up.

    It has a 6 terminal molex connector that must be the enabling circuit,

    I being a retired electronic tech started looking for an optoisolator after endless searches failed for a schematic or user manual.

    After looking at what the driver board contained, I am pretty certain that a single SCR is the heart of starting up this supply if it even works and does not require repairs.

    I pray someone anyone has had some Experience with this series Astec power supplies and can enlighten me as to the 6 pin molex connectors configuration.

    Here is a description:


    MODEL: 9K24-45-271

    ASTEC P/N: 080-24666-002

    AC INPUT: 115/230V 20A/10A INPUT CURRENT

    DC OUTPUT: 24V @ 45A


    Thanks in advance to either a former/current user of one of the many current/voltage configurations this series of Astec Power supplies or to anyone kind enough to share their mad Electrical Engineering or Electronic Tech Skill Set.

    I tried to determine where this supply might have in 1990's been used in industry.

    There are some indications it was used in 2 brands organs.

    Thank You,
    Very Much,
    From David

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    Default Power supply...

    Found this on EBAY -

    Maybe the attached picture from the listing can help...

    Good Luck !
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Power Supply.jpg  

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