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Thread: Kvant vs Unity real difference?

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    Laser Warning Kvant vs Unity real difference?

    Hi all!

    I'm planning a tour with a local artist from my town (Barcelona) and need a laser for the show. It's going to be in small venues so I think 3 / 3.4 W will be good enough. I've been looking at the KVANT Clubmax 3400 and really like it but we're on a tight budget so found the Unity Elite 3 Pro FB4 at a much cheaper price. I would upgrade the Unity to the UT50 / 40 kpps scanner to get a 60 max scan angle which I think is important for our show. We will be doing really basic abstract figures (circles, waves...) So my main concern is what is the biggest difference between a Kvant and a Unity laser. Because pricewhise there is a BIG difference and I've been looking at the specs and the Unity looks almost as good as the Kvant regarding performance and I'd be saving more than 1000. Am I missing something?

    Thank you!

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    Unity is Kolo. Made in china. Kvant is european quality,. Kolo is multimode red and Kvant is single mode red for most models. I think they recenetly started with multimode. Multimode can be very good and almost equal as single mode but it depends on how good the optics are placed.

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