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Thread: Fan thermostat for ILT 5500 Argon

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    Default Fan thermostat for ILT 5500 Argon

    Went and fired up my old ILT 5500 Argon Ion Space Heater...err.. laser and it ended up doing a thermal shutdown because the fans never came on, they are switches on by a thermostat on the anode bell. Tried tripping it with a heat gun but no go. Pretty generic Airpax 5003 bimetal thermostat but the numbers on the back dont match their current scheme, 043-464. Anyone have an idea what temp these should kick the fan on at?

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    I just so happen to have an ILT 5500A myself - haven't been on the forums for a while but was doing some research on finding out which mirror to chznge for multiline operation and type, and somehow came across your post.

    I'll pop the top off mine and give the thermostat a blast with my hot air station (obviously while detached from the laser) and temperature gun it when it clicks and that should get you a rough idea of when it needs to turn on the fans.

    Give me a couple of days. My desktop is sitting on my workbench right now awaiting a few water cooling bits and bobs - once thats done I'll pop the laser on the bench and do the test.

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    I'll send you a ILT thermal switch if you can recompile that program that you wrote for me so it runs on 64 bit windows?

    I get you the info one way or another.

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