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Thread: UKLEM March 30th to April 3rd 2023

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    Default UKLEM March 30th to April 3rd 2023

    For any PL memebers wishing to come to the UK laser meet please see info below
    Its just a few weeks to the LEM now so we need to get an idea of who is coming, and to take some payments.
    You can pay at the LEM in cash see me (but please indicate interest here also) or you can pay in advance using paypal but please be aware that paypal take a cut so if you can its better to do a bank transfer or pay cash.
    Paypal (if you have to) to uklasermeet<at>gmail<dot>com if you can send as F&F that will help!
    Bank transfer
    Acc name Andrew Connolly
    Sort 30-63-57
    Acc no. 30850360
    Lloyds Bank
    The price will be 40 for the full weekend
    Or 10 for a single day.
    Please keep this thread banter free as its here to collect info on who is coming not chat about the LEM plenty of other places to do that!
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    For anyone needing to know the address for the UK LEM it's:
    Surfleet Village Hall,
    Station Road,
    PE11 4DA.
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