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Thread: LA Studio and Vista!?!?

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    Default LA Studio and Vista!?!?

    I just had a moment of panic... Will the FB3 and software work with Vista? On a side note, how much processing power does it need at full function to run the LA studio? I have no problem with that here at home, dual quad core Xeon and 16gB of RAM(gets the job done), but I would like to buy a old laptop to run the projector while on the road. I can get pretty much any P3 or older for about $50 so I think it would be a good moze. Also, what would you recommend, putting the FB3 in the projector or putting it into a project box with an ILDA connector on it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by allthatwhichis View Post
    Vista... I'm dreading when I will finally have to upgrade. My BETA experience lasted about 45 minutes.
    I think this discussion is our there already...

    Actually I'd just call and ask someone from the Big P to answer the Vista question.

    If you'd like I can run LA Studio when I get home and see how much it taxes my CPU. I have a dual core Opteron but it will still... O, nevermind. It will all run on the QM2000 and won't give a good comparision for the FB3... You may be able to get a good P4 lappy for under $200 that should work no problem.

    I would make a little box for he FB3. If you have to run your projector from a location other than where you are running the show you will have to find a long USB cable to go from your computer to projector. USB cables are unshilded if I remember correctly and aren't really good for more than 6 to 10 feet. I think the ILDA cables are good for a lot longer distance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by allthatwhichis View Post
    It will all run on the QM2000 and won't give a good comparision for the FB3...
    Actually, I think it will give a good comparison, since the QM2000 is being used as a DAC, with no extra processing on board, for LAstudio anyways..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laser Ben View Post
    I have no problem with that here at home, dual quad core Xeon and 16gB of RAM
    At least you have enough resource to run the desktop with vista though to be sure you may need to disable the sidebar

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    Laser Ben -

    No experience with Vista, but the LAStudio applications - and even LiveProUSB - run fine on my Win XP Home laptop, even with several other applications running. My laptop is a 3-year old Dell XPS with a 1 GB RAM.

    I plan on using a separate enclosure for my FB3, and connecting to the projector with a DB-25 cable. There are enough spare wires on the ILDA spec that I should be able to send DMX signals through the same connection to the projector.

    I plan on a dual-power option for the case for my FB3. When I want to use it stand-alone just so I can use the software (LASTudio and LivePro require the FB3 to be attached to run), I'll supply power from a second USB connection to draw 5VDC from my laptop (that's the method I use now "in the field"). When connected to the projector, I plan on drawing 5VDC from the power supply in the projector. An additional advantage here is if I decide to run a "canned" show using nothing but a cheap DMX controller & no laptop, I can still power the FB3 without any additional power connections.

    It all sounds good in theory, at least - I won't be able to try out most of my ideas for a while yet!

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