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Thread: Pix from SELEM 2023

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    Quote Originally Posted by swamidog View Post
    great thinking! i've updated the group photo:

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    hehehe . . there are worse pictures of me, so I won't complain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dkumpula View Post
    hehehe . . there are worse pictures of me, so I won't complain.
    yeah.. i considered some from your webcam feed, but wanted to keep things family friendly.
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    I figured I would try to keep things in the same thread, so here's a video I took during my hard techno, industrial techno, and hardcore DJ set on Thursday night. This was an original song I played around the 2 hour mark. This video was edited to replace the microphone-captured audio with the real music. This was a bit of a chore because the song was 138bpm being played at 144BPM.

    Thanks to Newlin Parker @lulighttec (middle row), Will Carder @singlemode (bottom row), and Rick Hellman @hitekvoop (top row, barely shown in this video) for running an awesome beam jam during this set! I had an absolute blast! Even if it did clear out the room because it was a bit too hard... haha (unlisted for now until I release this song on my label)

    I will upload the recordings from the sets when I have more time. I need to make a few edits first and possibly just re-record the trance/psytrance set from Wednesday night.

    If anyone else has video content, please share!
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    Great pictures!

    Man - really wish I could have caught more of your set, Kevin. Rick saw I was tied up and asked if he could play on the console, and of course I said yes. Glad that someone had fun with the rig!

    I have some crappy cell-phone video of the concert with Echoes, but I was hoping someone else had better video of that...


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