Sorry to bring ignorance and (I'm sure) a very annoying and reoccurring post to this thread, but I'm now realizing why my event lighting buddy doesn't mess with lasers! I'm going to need to re enroll in some college to get a grasp of this...this is not a "watch a few Youtube videos" fix!

So I bought a Laserworld (such a creative name) CS-1000RGB MK2 way back in 2016 through an independent dealer. After a few months of owning it and running it, the red diode went out. I got the diode switched out by a friend of a friend who works on lighting, a few months later THAT went out. Frustrated by this, I just focused on the music aspect and put it aside.

Now that business is better, I'm trying to get old equipment fixed and back in the game so I don't have to but new stuff. I really like this laser, but it's obviously cheap as hell...or the parts are at least. I came across an old thread from here (which led me here), and I learned that the red diodes are pretty much China cheap cheap.

So, my question is: Is this problem something that a dummy could resolve or am I going to have to find a pro? I was hoping it may be something as simple as finding a quality red diode online and switching it out, but I'm learning that my problem may have a lot more moving parts than that.

If the answer is, "hell no, you're not just switching out a small cylinder with a wire attached!"; then please point me in the right direction as to get this problem fixed the right way. But please say YES! It's so easy and cheap!

Thanks laserheads!