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Thread: LaserWave specs? LWGL532

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    Does anyone know or have the specs for a green 532nm, LaserWave LWGL532? I think this laser may have been in a humid environment without an Apture window installed. When this first came to me it would not turn on, now it does and lases but I have no idea what the OEM beam power is, and this is slowly coming up in power as I run it at different power levels. Another thing it is doing that may just be from age, but I get random halo like artifacts in the beam but not like what I would expect if it was mode hopping. it's too short of a duration to get a picture of what it's doing. I am also cooling the snot out of it as the power drops off fast if I don't, even though it does have a working TEC. All the trim pots are at factory default.
    Any info would be helpful.

    New Note it seems to be operating in mode TEM 10 ? wtf
    I tried an experiment, I put a strip of metal foil tape into the "halo" and it dropped out of that operating mode, cranked up the power and some of the adhesive burned off and readded some contamination to the aperture window and it's now running in TEM00. So thy shall not keepith thy optics clean?
    What is going on?
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