Here is your chance to get 2 laser show DACs for a really cheap price, to use the default software you need a Windows XP or Windows 7 PC with an LPT bi-directional port. USB to LPT probably will have problems

In 2007 Norm said these were compatible with the following softwares

- Play4all
- Box Performer
- Popelscan
- Mamba
- MambaBlack

These are TTL (not analog modulation) RGY as the kit came but I bought the IC's that the creator told me to buy to add support for blue. I have socketed the slot for the IC for blue, I never inserted the IC as the slot notch is marked backwards from the other 2 ICs on the board. There was one printing error I found on the board for a capacitor so I am unsure if this was a printing error as well.

The NLS software probably only works with Windows XP and Windows 7, popelscan seems to be unavailable even on, unsure about the other softwares, older versions may need to be obtained.

These were last tested in 2010, the power supplies could have issues from being so old. Untested since then and sold as-is

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