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Thread: Sine/Cosine Potentiometer

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    Default Sine/Cosine Potentiometer

    For any console guys out there, I wanted to share what I've found with the sine/cosine potentiometer from P3 America.

    Back story, many years ago I came across the Hallpot Resolver and added it to my console. I tied this to z rotation so that I could flip between a running oscillator or the Hallpot Resolver. The running oscillator is great, but the Resolver gives complete control over the image via a rather large/heavy knob. Being a contactless potentiometer, a quick flick of a finger can make an image rotate dozens of times.

    Unfortunately, the guy that made these is no longer around and the few that I had on the shelf have finally been depleted. Desperate for an alternative, I came across the SCH22 from P3 America. It took months for them to fill my order, but they have finally arrived. I'm pleased to say that these work just as well as the Hallpot resolver.

    Interestingly, these aren't manufactured by P3 America. The manufacturer is Sakae, their website is:
    Direct link to the datasheet: e_HSCB22.pdf (

    Anyway, this device is definitely worth the money if you are looking for a unique way to control z rotation using analog multipliers. The output is centered around +2.5V and swings from +0.5V to +4.5V. A simple offset gain circuit is all that's required.
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    I like it! List price on there website is $190 and call for availability. Pricey, but it won't break the bank. I have an old sin/cos pot at the moment that I have not tried until I can actually build the rotation circuit. If that pot does not work, this is a great option.

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