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    Just wanted to say that our thoughts are with everyone who was touched by the devastating tragedy that took place on this day six years ago, particularly to those in the United States of America.

    Today we remember the tragic events that took place on 11th September 2001, these terrible and tragic acts of terrorism took so many innocent lives and broke the hearts of so many families.

    Those who were in the twin towers when these events took place will never ever be forgotten. But let us also remember all those relatives who were left behind, their suffering still continues to this day and beyond - Our thoughts are with you.

    God Bless.


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    Thanks Jem, that is very kind of you.
    In is nice to know that there are people from other parts of the world thinking of us on this anniversary of that tragic event. Thanks.

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    I agree Steve-o; that was well spoken, Jem. I appreciate your sentimient.

    9/11 changed a lot in our country, and not all of those changes have worked out the way we thought they would. The biggest thing we lost, I think, was our innocence. Prior to 9/11, all we could look to is Pearl Harbor, which was two generations ago. For a nation that has trouble remembering what we did last week, Pearl Harbor seemed to be ancient history for a lot of us; it was the sort of thing that could only have happened to our grandfathers.

    But after 9/11, we were forever changed as a nation. The safety that we felt, however hollow it really was, is gone now. We're still struggling with that change, and I believe we've got some more growing to do (growing up, even), but the fact remains that we'll never again believe that "those things will never happen in America."

    My heart goes out to all the families that were affected by this tragedy.


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